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Unit History

We started off as (CC) Clan Cheetah back in the MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries days of MercPPP, the Clan was founded by Rancor and Coyote two guys from British Columbia, Canada. When NBT started we were still just a casual group of people dropping when we could (and mostly composed of older Warriors). We heard about a league starting up that was promising to be fun and true to BattleTech. This league was called Net BattleTech 3068 it was a planetary based league, at first we did not join right in. We waited until a Clan close to us Clan Star Adder who was a minor Clan in the league (only starting with 10 planets) was getting hit hard by both the Lyran CommonWealth and Clan Jade Falcon. So myself and Flashburn Tiger (my saKhan at the time) approached the Clan Star Adder keshik about getting a planet and a handful of `Mechs and run on our own. (CSA)Nomad who was khan of Clan Star Adder at the time thought about it for an extended period and in the end declined the offer (which is understandable as he only knew me).

So both units carried on over the next little while, one day I had noticed that (the current NBT Clan Hell's Horses) was almost inactive and had planets right behind Clan Star Adder. So I approached (CHH) Void to see if they were interested in us playing with them. He had told me they just did not have the time to be active in the league. So the three of us approached Precentor Dark Phoenix (the leader of Comstar and NBT) and let him know that we (Clan Cheetah) were interested in taking over (Clan Hell's Horses). He did allow it, and for the next few months we only used the (CHH) tags for NBT drops and kept the (CC) tags in MercPPP. Right from the word go we did well, as a minor Clan ourselves we also only had 10 planets, but a small and very dedicated Warrior base. Each battle against the Lyran CommonWealth we were almost always out numbered but we prevailed.

Then once MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries started to die out and MechWarrior 3 came out we joined the MaxTech 3050 league and then after that the MaxTech 3060 league. During our time in these leagues we did well but not as well as we did in our MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries days. This could be said was due to lack of interest as well MechWarrior 3 was not the game that everybody thought it would be, but we fought on keeping invaders off our planets and launching some assaults and raids on our enemies. During one Clan meeting a few people asked if we could just keep using the (CHH) tags as everyone had gotten used to and liked the Clan Hell’s Horses name. So we held a vote and in a unanimous decision to drop the (CC) tags in favour the (CHH) ones. In doing this we always have said we would not give up the history of the (CC) tags or the (CHH) tags.

Once MechWarrior 3 started to die down, Khan Istari Cheetah (who is now known as Istari Ravenwater) and saKhan Dark Cheetah (who is now known as Dark DeLaurel) put the Clan on a lower state of activity. Mainly because there was no real planetary leagues at the time, NetBattleTech 3 was still in the works and was looking like it was not going to launch. Once word of MechWarrior 4: Vengeance leaked the Clan was all excited, there was not a new game that sounded like it will live up to what everyone was looking for. Once it was released only Khan Istari and saKhan Dark were left of the original members, everyone else was busy in real life. We begun a heavy recruiting drive once MechWarrior 4: Vengeance was released and most of the members from that drive are no longer playing MechWarrior.

Once NetBattleTech-IV started we reclaimed the Clan Hell's Horses slot, and fully took over the name. As Clan Hell's Horses we were once again at odds because of the enemies around us. We were able to put off most enemies but in the end after a few years were unable to keep going with our current actions. Our European players were getting burnt out and our North American pilot base was not big enough to help and compensate for it. At this point we had to go inactive in NetBattleTech-IV, for the better interests in the Clan and for the league, as we felt it would be unfair to our Warriors and the Warriors we were fighting to only fill drops out with 6 Warriors.

Then MechWarrior4: Mercenaries came out, and we reapplied for the Clan Hell's Horses slot as by this time we had gotten a solid pilot base back and running. The only thing we were unsure of is getting the spot because the European release date for the game was a month later than the North American release date, and with the league wanting to know at the time of application how many Warriors had the game we could not in good spirit and mind lie to the league admins about only half of our roster having the game. In the end having the slot slip to someone else and we took the Clan Cloud Cobra spot until we could reclaim the Clan Hell's Horses slot.

With the advent of MechWarrior Online, khan Dark DeLaurel, Loremaster Mr.Humble, MechWarriors Badkarma, CarnageINC and Di Kerensky have reformed (CHH) returning back to our roots and keeping an eye open for our old Clansmen and keeping true to our heritage.

Khan Dark DeLaurel
666th Mechanized Assault - War Cluster
Beta Galaxy
Clan Hell's Horses