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If you are looking for us in game we run the [CHHi] tags and call ourselves Clan Hell's Horses International. We value friendship above all else, hence the reason we have stayed together as a core group for over a decade. We use a wide variety of `Mechs and do not restrict people on that side of things as long as you are effective, although we do encourage Warriors to play all the weight classes in order to be a well rounded pilot. You will have to have some Clan BattleMechs as you will be unable to run Inner Sphere BattleMechs for Community Warfare battles.

There is no Trial of Position for entrance to our Clan, we operate off the motto of "If you get along with everyone and can fight well, then you are set to wear the (CHH) tags". We encourage anyone interested to join our Hyper-Pulse Generator and then join us on TeamSpeak 3 (Address: Password: StranaMechty Default Channel: Clan Hell's Horses) if you would like a tutorial on how to do it please visit this page.

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